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In Mirror Magic human and fairy worlds collide! It is perfect for children who like their stories full of magic and excitement, conspiracy, intrigue and adventure! Think Howls Moving Castle! Clever and loads of fun, it comes with a reminder that it is better to be shaped by our kindness than our fears!

Over and above the book, this box is filled with magical mystical items for your child to enjoy!

* Magic 8 ball to answer every question! Yes, no, prospect unclear, chances aren't good... the list of possibilities goes on and on! 

* Magic Scratch Notes - each box contains a pack of 20 scratch sheets. Use your scratch stick and reveal the magic beneath! 

Magic magnetic putty  - this ultra putty is not only magnetic, it has crazy boggle eyes! 

Collectible card and bookmark as always, designed especially for our boxes by Apple Pie Graphics!

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