Little Friends Box

Little Friends Box

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Their children are friends first. They hit it off immediately, as kids do. And so the parents are forced to get to know each other. Three wildly different couples. Three marriages, floundering.

There are barbecues, dinner parties, a holiday in Greece. An affair begins, resentments flare, and despite it all the three women become closer.

Unnoticed their children run wild. The couples are so busy watching each other that they forget to watch their children. Until tragedy strikes.

But the summer won’t be over until our story twists, and twists again, while three families search desperately for answers. Because while they have been looking the other way, evil has crept into their safe little world and every parent's biggest nightmare is about to come true... 


The Goods : 

- Personalized bookmark 🔖  

- 2 cute mini lipglosses 💄 

- Justine moisture cotton socks 🧦 

- Funky gel pad eye mask 🎭