A.D. The Bible Continues Box

A.D. The Bible Continues Box

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A.D. The Bible Continues by Dr. David Jeremiah 

The greatest revolution of all time was about to begin ... 💥

When Pontius Pilate ordered the crucifixion ✝️

of Jesus, he thought he was putting an end to

the Jewish uprising that was threatening 🤛

the authority of the Roman Empire! 🇮🇹

Little did he know, the real revolution 🛡was just getting started ‼️

This book paints 🖌a magnificent picture of

the political and religious upheaval ⚔️that led to the formation of the early church ⛪️

The Goods : 

* Custom designed bookmark

* Notebook with beautiful front cover design (designs vary)

* "Grace Upon Grace" key ring in tin

* "A Grateful Heart" box of blessings 

* Communion