Gates of Stone Box

Gates of Stone Box

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An Emperor's daughter who will not be denied - A Prince forced to take a stand - A Sorcerer seeking to destroy the world ...

Princess Katerina is determined to regain her inheritance. After murdering the man she was meant to marry, she embarks on a perilous voyage in search of the vast wealth and power she needs to claim the Empire.

Prince Arjun's life is shattered when a malignant sorcerer invades his land and slaughters his people in order to steal the sacred sword of his ancestors. Jun reluctantly pursues the sorcerer and the magic sword. 

Sorcerer Mangku is in search of the Seven Keys used to lock away the terrifying evils of the Seven Hells. With the magical sword stolen from Jun, he has begun his mission to release catastrophe on the land.

As the destinies of these 3 entwine in the lawless islands of the Laut Besar, the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. 

The Goods :

- Personalized bookmark 

- Beautiful notebook and hand cream set

- Fashionable scarf in assorted colours and designs

- Inspirational mints