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A bookish box especially for ladies!

Choose between 2 options: GENERAL or FANTASY fiction. 

Over and above your book, you can expect 3-5 items aimed at pampering and indulgence! Our women's boxes are for any woman who needs to be spoilt!

GENERAL box theme: Gorgeously romantic, this book will sweep you up in its pages.Take an beautiful emotional journey to an exotic location in this show stopper of a novel, which is a heart-warming tale about life, love and loss. It's about finding the right person, about putting yourself first and expecting the unexpected. 

FANTASY box theme: if you love fairy tale re-tellings, you do not want to miss this box! Cold creatures, haunted woods and an evil king... three girls on three different paths... lets just say the real story isn't as pretty as the one you've heard! This instant NYT bestseller is a MUST READ for 2018!

*October boxes ship out at the end of October*